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Ville de Blois
Hôtel de Ville
9 place Saint-Louis
41000 Blois

General reception of town hall: (33 0) 2 54 44 50 50 (in french)

Phone and physical reception of the town hall is opened from monday to friday, from 8AM to 5:30PM.

You can check the directory to have all the details on the town’s departement and on other public institutions in Blois.

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Teams of the top cultural and touristic facilities can be reach on their website:

Please use the dedicated “S.I.R” contact form to facilitate the resolution of a problem.


If you need a copy of civil status certificate (birth certificate, for instance) or any other information about recent genealogy, please not that we’re not able to mail them to you. Please check our dedicated page about civil status certificate to know more.

For any information about genalogy going back more than a hundred years, chose “Archives” as a recipient.


Have you checked the Elections page? It contains answers to frequent questions about registration, voting with a proxy, required ID, etc.

You want to apply for a job in our administration? Please use the links below. Also note that you’ll need too speak French.

You can also check Agglopolys job offers or CIAS job offers.

You want to book a guided tour set up by the Art and History Department? If possible, please consider doing it over the phone: (33) (0)2 54 90 33 32.

Avant de prendre contact avec la Ville au sujet de la pandémie de Covid-19, nous vous invitons à consulter notre page dédiée à la crise sanitaire, si ce n’est pas déjà fait.

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